Isle of Portland

•Friday 31 July 2009 • 1 Comment

Er… Hello. Anyone still there? 
its been a little while, but I stick to the number one bloging rule – only post if you have something worth posting. As for you, my loyal number one, and probably only reader, you most likely, like me, use RSS and so probably haven’t even noticed my absense. Where am I? I hear you say. I am snuggled up, ish, in my phd minim ultra and mld bivy bag on my neoair under my mld cuben tarp situated in the old quarries on the eastern side of the Isle of Portland. And yes it is raining. Second time out for the tarp, first in the rain. Had the sudden thought of ‘maybe I should have sealed the seams’. But am still dry, so maybe not. Had real problems getting it taught. it has a catenery cut, but still getting sag in the centre. Sorry if there are any typos or poor grammars, but that’s mobile blogging for you. By the way I am using a nokia e71 and ovi modified by pixelpipe. Its 2222 and it has eventually got dark, so I may attempt a bit of sleep.


waiting for the MOT, Saltram loop

•Wednesday 8 October 2008 • Leave a Comment

Had a bit of an adventure. Cutting a long story short, I had an afternoon to kill, and it was lovely and sunny and I didn’t fancy rushing home to the (never ending) DIY. So I went into exploration mode. I pushed through (in a similar vein to the great Victorian gentelmen ;-)) a new route between Hardwick wood and Saltram. Discovered a lost garden of Palm trees, baamboo thickets and ponds filled with gunnera in Saltram Park. Rediscovered the link south, skirting the corner of the now closed and reclaimed landfill site, through the old quarries to Billacombe green. And failed to push a new, and lmuch anticipated route, along a narrow spine of quarried limestone around the bus depot. The failure was due to a rather loose and exposed 3m rockstep which I would really rather not fall off. The final exitement was that I realised that I only had an hour and a quarter to get back to Colebrook to collect my car. Which I managed.

walking Rhodes at Billacombe

•Monday 29 September 2008 • Leave a Comment

Having spent most of the morning helping Paul rebuild his utility room (it was only fair – I had helped knock the old one down!) I was given the task of emptying his VW T4 of rubble and less onerously taking Rhodes for a walk. After an initial period of looking sad and wondering what he had done to be sent off with me, Rhodes had a great time. He’d never been to Billacombe and thouroughly enjoyed the meadows and the old quaries. By the end of the afternoon I was his best friend ever! πŸ™‚ [aren’t I boy?! WOOF!]

Newquay adventure

•Monday 8 September 2008 • Leave a Comment

Decided to have a day off from my brother N and J and little-miss A. And as T was on holiday we fancied a trip further afield, so we caught the 08:40 to Newquay. We did the usual tourist things including the aquarium, which although it lacked the size of Plymouth’s it did have a certain charm. The cutest of the day has to go to the cuttlefish… altogether now.. ahhh!

family trip to the beach

•Sunday 7 September 2008 • Leave a Comment

Chilly but sunny day out. Photo above is of a kestrel about to stoop on a small fury thing of some kind. It either didn’t notice us about 10m away, or was feeling particularly hungry and wasn’t going to stop mid hunt. Definitely the closest I’ve been to a raptor kill.

day out with little miss A

•Friday 5 September 2008 • Leave a Comment

thundering surf…

strong bitting wind…

typical british summer!

Little-miss A was *not* amused – “don’t like it!” “naughty waves” etc! I dont think it helped that she thought the sea was boiling hot πŸ™‚ Quite sensible thinking for a little un as the sea was ‘steaming’!

day trip to Morwellham Quay

•Sunday 31 August 2008 • Leave a Comment

Whilst going for a bit of a wander, T and I came upon the strangest stretch of Public Footpath I have ever seen. At the end there was a sign saying strictly no admittance, but as my map (via Viewranger on my E90) clearly showed a path. So I asked a guy dressed in ‘railway orange’ the route, and was told it was along the railway line! T was a little worried we’d be run over by a passing engine, which dutifully came along as we were on the narrowest part, at about 6mph mind! πŸ™‚