Polperro – Par?

Woke at 0800 feeling great – the sun was out and I’d survived! Spent the next hour having breakfast and packing up. The only other people on the path were a couple out for an early run, the woman did a double-take when she saw all my kit spread out in the sun to dry and commented that I had a great spot for a bivvy – excellent, all my faffing last night hadn’t been in vain!

The plan for the day was to limp back down into Polperro and if my knee was still sore then to catch a bus to Looe and the train from there. Else, if my knee felt OK then to buy some more food and continue on my journey. As it was, my knee felt a bit sore, but I didn’t get a return of the stabbing pains, so no early opt out allowed.

The morning was hot, and this brought out the tourists in droves, I had hardly met a soul the previous two days, so it was a bit disconcerting having people invade my 200m personal space, and I found myself waiting for gaps in the traffic for some peace and quiet to walk in.

I walked from Lansallos to Polruan a couple of years back and remembered most of it, but couldn’t spot the camping spot we had used. I caught the ferry across to Fowey and decided to push on to Par to catch a train back home. As I walked most of this section with m&d at Easter, I decided to take it easy and short cut using the picturesque and verdant Saints Way over the headland to Polkerris.

By now I was starting to feel a little fatigued, which I was positive about as my knee was holding up well , but the final 3.5k was a bit of a slog.

Unfortunately my phone was out of juice so I had no idea when the next train was due, and as is always the way – I just missed the one and had to wait an hour for the next. It did however mean that I had time to get my stove out on the platform and make myself a brew!


~ by markbagley on Tuesday 24 July 2007.

2 Responses to “Polperro – Par?”

  1. Blogs starting to come together now with the text

    I’ve given you a couple of plugs elsewhere so possibly some extra visitor traffic on the way

  2. my first comment!

    thanks john.

    mmm… bit scared now!!!

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