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I have had a bit of a faff day – I seam to have been busy all day, but don’t seam to have anything to show for it!

Well, that is apart from the kitchen resembling a bomb site… more later.

Yesterday I completed my first ever gardening /landscaping job that has been mine from start to finish, with the responsibilities and finances that that entails. It wasn’t very large, just seven days work. It went well, the garden looked great, the client was happy and so was my bank balance.


Next week I have my father staying to help fit central heating – I know, you have had that sort of thing for years Upcountry, but its all new fangled and exciting down here! So that left a couple of days free. As the kitchen is going to need a bit of a remodel to fit in the boiler and a radiator, I thought I would take the opportunity to give it a bit of a facelift and make room for one of those cutting edge dishwasher thingamies…

…got started and found that I’d left my tools around T’s. But I persevered. And after two frustrating hours, I now have a broken kitchen. That’ll be the chippy for tea then!

Things I *have* achieved:

I have uploaded all my photos to Zoto. This is a hugely better proposition than Flickr where I had had my images. The Zoto interface is much prettier and most importantly you can view the images ordered according the criteria that you choose. I personally like to see images in taken-chronology rather than uploaded-chronology that Flickr insists on. I have BG to thank for the heads up on this, as he has tried a few different services.

I have gone through all of my previous posts and changed the link coding so that everything now points at Zoto rather than Flickr.

I have discovered mypictr which is an online service which allows you to crop images for use as avatars. It allows you either to use preset sizes for the main sites like myspace, or set the number of pixels manually, which I used to crop my avatar image for use on the outdoorbloggers forum.

I managed to put a LastFm image ‘quilt’ of some of my favourite albums and the associated link to my lastfm music page. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds. The quilt is actually an animated widget, which is great, except WordPress don’t yet support it. So I got round this by using Window-Soft Screenhunter, to grab a still from the animation. Putting the image onto Zoto and then using a text widget to set up the correct links.

I have trashed my kitchen…

…stop it! Think of something else!

I think the plan after dinner will be to put some more photos onto lost-in-a-forest and write up a trip or two.

One of these days I’ll get out in my little tent again!!!

~ by markbagley on Thursday 16 August 2007.

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