Bullers Hill

… or rather NOT Bullers Hill!

Woke up all excited and raring to go. I haven’t been orienteering for months, and today was to be one of two runs before the Dales National Event in a couple of weeks. Infact I haven’t been out and done *anything* exciting and outdoorsy for ages.

Anyway, all psyched up for the pain and all the nice scenery and stuff you never really notice whilst charging around the countryside. Final check on the details, time and exact location…


****! followed by ******!

that’ll be the results I’m looking at then!

Since when have O events been on a saturday?!

Briefly thought about going for a training run, but thought better of it. So spent the next 14 hours: organising and hunting down duplicate and missing images on my hard-drive followed by the long upload to Zoto; ripping my CD collection to 256kbps AAC; and listing and generally managing stuff on eBay. So not a totally misspent day.

As I said last time – one of these days I’ll get out in my little tent, or at least get some fresh air!


~ by markbagley on Sunday 2 September 2007.

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