Craddock Moor – Kerno local event

Craddock moor is a Kerno area on the south western edge of Bodmin Moor, which believe it or not, I have never visited before.

The day dawned overcast and a little cooler than of late and after a couple of attempts to set off to the event, followed by returns to the house to collect forgotten but essential kit, I was off.

I was feeling quite excited by the time I reached the little car park and registration, as this was my first orienteering, and in fact first run, since Springtime in Shropshire back in May.

As this was to be training event before next weeks National Event in the Dales, the plan was to SLOW DOWN and have a 100% clean run. Many years ago I was young and fast, but did have a tendency to go charging in the wrong direction with alarming regularity! More recently I been managing to maintain concentration throughout, and hence less mistakes.

And I more or less achieved this goal. I know! How can I have more or less had a 100% clean run?!

Well, *I* had a clean run, but unfortunately the planner didn’t! I lost time on control #2 due to navigating correctly, but the map being inaccurate and the planner not taking this into account. So I lost 3.5 minutes. But it didn’t make any difference, as I would still have been 2nd either way! That’s 2/10 on Brown, which is the top course on small local events like this one.

Post race, I went for an explore to keep my legs moving, and because there didn’t seem much point in rushing back home. ‘Discovered’ The Cheeswring, which is an impressively precipitous tor and a beautiful area of broken boulders which where rejected and ejected from the nearby quarry. The spoil heap area was most unlike anything I know in the southwest and reminded me of the Lakes and Scotland.

So overall a good day out!

~ by markbagley on Sunday 9 September 2007.

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