John Hee’s Hip-pack competition

I have decided to enter John Hee’s exciting hip-pack contest which, being new around these parts, I had only heard about this week. I wouldn’t have entered, as I would have felt a bit silly being the only entrant. But the decision of Gayle from M and G go for a walk fame, and all the other outdoor bloggers who had been reminded of the competition and thought it was a great idea [must be loads surely], spurred me into action.

Thus I spent a happy friday evening constructing a new rucksack, much to the bafflement of my friend T who had popped around for a cup of tea and who thought I was insane. For my efforts I produced a waterproof sack weighing in at 56 grammes. Well I say waterproof – the contents would stay dry, just not too sure that the packing tape straps would hold together in a downpour!

So to my kit list –

rucksack – homemade

sleeping bag – phd minim ultra

jumper – phd ultra vest

bedroll – silver covered bubblewrap

bivvy bag – emergency blanket

stove – alcohol popcan with fuel and lighter

pot – Alpkit titanium

cutlery – Vargo titanium spork

food – 180g of peanuts/chocolate/raisins and serving of smash/beanfeast mix

waterproofs – bin liners

safety – compass/torch/whistle

access – aluminium yale key

competition weight – 1.454 kg

I will also include a camera – a Nokia n95 and about a litre of water in a camelbak bladder.

~ by markbagley on Saturday 29 September 2007.

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