Plymouth – Cann Wood

After much prevarication caused by sheer terror at the thought of camping out in the woods sans tent – according to Gayles friend, deer are fond of attacking lone night-time walkers! – I was off!

I had a lovely crepuscular amble along the banks of the Plym via Saltram House park. The real fun started once it got completely dark and I entered Cann Woods. As the moon was yet to rise and my torch was utterly useless, I did without and simply remembered where the path went. I had two scares – the first involved almost walking into one of those dangerous deer you hear about, and the second involving a large misty meadow, which was just simply scary.

By 20:30 I had reached Plym Bridge and had eventually decided where I was going to camp – a small open area just off the main path near Cann Quarry. I made this without further problems much to my great relief, as my nerves were a bit shot by this time. I always feel better on a trip when the search stops and I can set up camp – which in this case wasn’t too time consuming.

mmm. Partially reyhdrated smash/beanfeast mix. But at least it was hot.

OK, I broke the cardinal rule whilst making a brew and my tasty but nutritious supper – “leave no trace” – I know, I should have found a stone for my stove, but the river was miles away and I couldn’t see a thing!

Eventually settled down for the night and sent a live posting to WordPress with the help of Shozu and my Nokia n95 –

Currently laid in my sleeping bag, in a clearing in Cann Woods having enter john hee’s competition to see who could undertake the lightest weight wild camp of the summer. For some reason i thought a base weight – ex water, ex camera of 1.5 kg would be a good idea. The sky has cleared and the temperature is plunging and i have a 1 season sleeping bag which has just 150g of down in it. So i am feeling a bit chilly!


~ by markbagley on Saturday 29 September 2007.

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  1. Oooooo will you hit the deadline?Nail biting stuff

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