Cann Wood – Plymouth

The rest of the night wasn’t the most comfortable I have ever spent outdoors – chilly, damp and with a nagging sense of foreboding, only lessened by some lovely podcasts from BBC Radio 4 and the story of Bob and Andy’s seaside adventure from some far off mystical land where it was sunny and warm, which lifted my spirits during those sleepless periods.

I finally woke at 07:30 to the sound of barking dogs courtesy of the first wave of morning dog walkers, feeling damp and a bit relieved that I had survived!

I then had an enjoyable 8k wander back home to a well deserved breakfast. And a bit of a snooze!

Overall, I am glad that I did it – would I do it again? – not at the end of September I wouldn’t !

Thanks to both John and Gayle for indirectly prodding me into getting out and camping, which I do far far to infrequently- this being my fourth trip out this year.

Why don’t I go out more often?

~ by markbagley on Sunday 30 September 2007.

One Response to “Cann Wood – Plymouth”

  1. well done mate -results going up later on Friday

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