Efford Marsh

I had intended entering the Kerno local event at Inny Foot but decided not to. Firstly because on friday I managed to re inflame an old muscle pull in my thigh; and secondly, because my MOT certificate had expired on my car and I was unsure as to whether I would be insured.

So a homemade local intra-Plymouth adventure was called for.

For a number of years I have wondered about the possibility of finding an ‘off-piste’ route that connected the Local Nature Reserves of Efford Marsh and Forder Valley. These two reserves are adjacent but split by the A38 Parkway.

My route out to Efford marsh involved my usual urban tactics of trying to avoid all roads, and sticking to the green bits, often just strips of scrappy litter strewn woodland linking the official park and reserve areas. I successfully managed to develope a new route up to Efford through a bit of blocked off woodland. Treasure found – a rather nice wooden kitchen chair and about 10m of heavy duty electrical conduit. Both items left behind, but mentally added to the ‘plymouth treasure map’!

I stopped off at the edge of the eponymous marsh for lunch, notable for two reasons – I had forgotten to bring teabags, and so used locally collected brambles and rosehips. And I had, back in 1999, built the pond dipping platform pictured.

I then spent a happy hour and half fighting my way through dense Willow carr and marsh, brushing past pungent Mentha aquatica and watching the birdlife before discovering the fabled water source of the marsh…

…a low almost silted up culvert. Oh well, never mind.

The return journey took me via another section of unexplored woodland. I entered behind a small housing estate and clambered up a steep slope which had a series of enigmatic wide platform terraces. Definitely an area for a bit more exploration in the future. Treasure found – two limestone urns discarded from the cemetery at the top of the slope.

Overall , a surprisingly enjoyable day out!


~ by markbagley on Sunday 7 October 2007.

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