River Plym

As per the norm, I left it a bit late to be going out for the day – I arrived at Shaugh Prior NT car park by about 1500! My excuse was that it had been wet most of the day, and the house had been in a state and needed a bit of a tidy up.

Anyhow the plan was to follow the river eastwards up onto Dartmoor. Unbeknownst to me this is actually the river Plym and not as I thought at the time, a tributary. My confusion arose from the fact the River Meavy continues northwards as a continuation of the Plym, and has a much wider valley.

The first part of the walk followed the swollen peat coloured river up through stunted Oak woodland, which is a feature of parts of Dartmoor’s peripheral valleys. Wistmans wood to the east is the best and most well known area – in fact it was on TV only last week, on Titchmarsh’s countryside programme. The Plym in spate was awe-inspiring and made me feel very glad that I had decided to leave the comforts of home. I briefly saw a couple of paddlers shoot down stream at speed, which looked great fun. I then came across a pair of ducks, nothing suprising there, except that these were rather beautiful Mandarin Ducks. It was a bit of a suprise, as I had no idea that they lived out in the wild, presuming that they were purely to be found on ornamental ponds.

After passing the precipitous Dewerstone Rock which I climbed once, many years ago, the valley widened out and I was forced to cross a number of barbedwire fences and open fields. Thankfully this was only for about a K. It then got rather dark and the heavens opened.

The return journey was a little more straight forward along the PROW to the south of the river, but a little exciting as it was now pitch black.

So in conclusion – the outdoors, *is* in fact great! I just forget it, as I work outside and just want to spend the weekends tucked up under a duvet surfing the outdoor blogs.


~ by markbagley on Sunday 2 December 2007.

2 Responses to “River Plym”

  1. Good post Mark. Really like your photography. You really sound like you enjoy getting out on your own and enjoying some great places. Also had a laugh at the light weight challenge post. A one season bag in the UK sounds adventurous! fRANK


  2. Hi Frank
    Thanks for the compliment about the photography – just don’t look at ‘The Hoe’! Light conditions were way too harsh, I couldn’t see a thing on the screen, it really was point and shoot.
    Glad I can be of some amusement!!!

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