The Hoe

Will wonders never cease?


As in, not wet, grey, windy, dreich, damp or just plain soggy, but sunny :-))

I had planned to do a spot of paperwork today, but the draw of a fresh clean sunny day was too great. Under the guise of a spot of christmas shopping I wandered into town, which was joyously sans the great hordes of humanity, being midweek – I *had* tried last saturday but managed just one shop before the lure of my rather chilly study and the delights of Amazon and became too much. I purchased my two remaining gifts for the family, including a bathtime water flute set for baby A – I feel it is my duty as ‘favourite unkle Mark’ to always get the noisiest present possible – drums will be next year 😉

I then did the tourist thing of sitting on The Hoe eating a pasty.

Then I noticed that the tide looked quite low [having just checked, it was actually at about 2.0m which isn’t that low at all – must go down when we get a 0.5m] and felt that a mini adventure was much more appealing than paperwork.

So I scrambled down to the waterline and did a spot of traversing.  I found a fantastic section, for further exploration with a pair of climbing shoes on, which includes a couple of caves. The rock is fantastic if a little abrasive. The limestone has weathered into a honeycomb, which below the mid water height is encrusted with barnacles so climbing is easy. Hidden cavities and caves are encrusted with, amongst many things, the rather splendid orange peel sponge. I also found four or five small blow-holes dotted along the top of the low cliffs wheezing like a heard of asthmatics!

So all in all a lovely relaxed time was had by one and, well one.


~ by markbagley on Tuesday 11 December 2007.

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