waiting for the MOT, Saltram loop

Had a bit of an adventure. Cutting a long story short, I had an afternoon to kill, and it was lovely and sunny and I didn’t fancy rushing home to the (never ending) DIY. So I went into exploration mode. I pushed through (in a similar vein to the great Victorian gentelmen ;-)) a new route between Hardwick wood and Saltram. Discovered a lost garden of Palm trees, baamboo thickets and ponds filled with gunnera in Saltram Park. Rediscovered the link south, skirting the corner of the now closed and reclaimed landfill site, through the old quarries to Billacombe green. And failed to push a new, and lmuch anticipated route, along a narrow spine of quarried limestone around the bus depot. The failure was due to a rather loose and exposed 3m rockstep which I would really rather not fall off. The final exitement was that I realised that I only had an hour and a quarter to get back to Colebrook to collect my car. Which I managed.

~ by markbagley on Wednesday 8 October 2008.

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