Isle of Portland

Er… Hello. Anyone still there? 
its been a little while, but I stick to the number one bloging rule – only post if you have something worth posting. As for you, my loyal number one, and probably only reader, you most likely, like me, use RSS and so probably haven’t even noticed my absense. Where am I? I hear you say. I am snuggled up, ish, in my phd minim ultra and mld bivy bag on my neoair under my mld cuben tarp situated in the old quarries on the eastern side of the Isle of Portland. And yes it is raining. Second time out for the tarp, first in the rain. Had the sudden thought of ‘maybe I should have sealed the seams’. But am still dry, so maybe not. Had real problems getting it taught. it has a catenery cut, but still getting sag in the centre. Sorry if there are any typos or poor grammars, but that’s mobile blogging for you. By the way I am using a nokia e71 and ovi modified by pixelpipe. Its 2222 and it has eventually got dark, so I may attempt a bit of sleep.

~ by markbagley on Friday 31 July 2009.

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  1. HannaK: Kiitti vinkistu00e4. Laukku on tosin niin hienoa ku00e4sityu00f6tu00e4 mielestu00e4ni, ettu00e4 pilaisin sen vain omilla neuloksillani. Olen k Click

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